Rules and Regulations

As always do not bring Alcoholic beverages to the IA events.

No pets are allowed. Working animals are always welcome.

No drifting/sliding in the parking lots or when you are leaving.

No burnouts or revving.

At most event gas grills may be used. No charcoal grills what so ever.

Tents (canopies for shade not to stay overnight) can be set up in the general meet parking area. They cannot be setup in the Showcase, Spotlight or Old School areas.

Finally, we are always concerned about your safety coming to our events and leaving. Please be careful on your way to our events and on you way home….it’s no fun hearing the stories of accidents coming to the show and leaving the show. Also, part of keeping pedestrians and attendees as safe as possible means each driver needs to be responsible. That means no burnouts and demonstrations of power. Lets keep the shenanigans to a minimum. Safety is a huge priority for us.

No fighting.

The reason we have to have these rules is because someone decided to do one of the above at one of our events. Please do not make us add another rule.

No refunds or transfer of tickets.

The Local police department will be providing security and traffic control for our event.
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