ImportAlliance Indianapolis Meet 2018 Showcase Application

The 3 things we look for in showcase vehicles are qualityinnovation, and execution. We do our best to have a diverse assortment of cars (anything from race cars to stance cars and everything in the middle.) There is a limited number of spaces available in the Showcase parking.

ImportAlliance is a meet for enthusiasts of import cars and we want everyone to feel welcome. The showcase and vendor area is limited to import cars. Domestics will not be approved. This area is just for fun. Trophies will not be given.

Please send accurate photos. Cars must be as they appear in photo’s. Excessive damage will be declined at the discretion of the event coordinators. Make sure to wash your car before you show up to the meet. Cellphone pics are ok but make sure you take them during the day. No dark pictures please.

**** You must come to the meet on Saturday at 7:00 a.m. to get your car into the IA Showcase. There is only 1 entrance to the venue and we need to get you inside early before the general public gets to the event. If you are late you will not be allowed into showcase parking. ****

Once approved you must pay online for your ticket(s) for the event. It is $20.99 per person online. Please make sure you purchase tickets for your passengers ahead of time too. There is no extra charge for parking in the Showcase. We want to make sure the process of getting inside and setup will be fast and efficient.

If you would like the opportunity to show off your car close to the vendors fill out the form below.

If you are getting at error submitting your car for the IA Showcase please resize your photo file to a small size and then submit a new form. Continuously submitting the same photos will not make the form go through.

You do not need to fill out this form to bring your car to the meet. This is only for the IA Showcase.FILL OUT THE SHOWCASE APPLICATION HERE