IA Drift at IA STL 2019

We will be hosting the IA Drift during the 2019 ImportAlliance St. Louis Meet. The sessions will be held on Sunday, June 30, 2019 and will go throughout day.  

 IA Spring Meet 2018


Sunday, June 30
6:00 am – gates will be open for racers – we will have a designated gate open to come into the facility early for racers (see photo below) – be on time

Cars need to be on time at the track for tech inspection

8:30 am – drivers meeting

9:00 am – track goes hot

12:00 pm – lunch

1:00 pm – drivers meeting

1:30 pm – track goes hot

4:30 pm – track goes cold


Helmet is required for both Driver and Passenger. Helmet should meet or exceed  SA2010 or M2010 regulation. If vehicle has no windshield full face will be required   Neck restraint is not mandated but highly recommend.   Driver attire should be a minimum of long pants, closed toe shoes, and a T-shirt (no tank tops). Material should be of cotton base. Passenger will adhere to same rules as driver (pit crew only).   Vehicle:   Vehicle will be in a condition that is safe and able to pass tech inspection.   Battery should be properly tied down. Bungie  cord or zip tie will not be acceptable. If battery is in the same compartment as driver, battery should be in a sealed box with proper ventilation outside the vehicle.   There should be no fluid leak.   Water is to be used in the cooling system over antifreeze. Coolant system should have a min of 1/2 qt overflow tank.   All wheel studs and nuts are to be there and working.   All loose article are to be removed from vehicle, including content in the trunk.   Driver floor mat is to be removed.   Fire extinguisher at arms reach from driver.   A external Master electrical system cutoff is not needed but Highly recommended.   If vehicle are equipped with a roll bar or cage. It should be properly designed and mounted per Formula D CCR 2.2 http://static.formulad.com/docs/2018/2018%20Formula%20Drift%20Pro%20Technical%20Rules%20and%20Regulations%20US%20Version%201.2.pdf   Factory seats are to use factory seat belts. No aftermarket 4/5/6 point is to be used unless the seat has shoulder hole provision.   Aftermarket seats are to use 4/5/6 point harness. Seat and harness is to be properly mounted and secured.   Any recording device should be properly mounted and secured   Passenger (pit crew only):   Passengers will follow same attire and helmet rules as driver.   Passengers are to keep there hands in the vehicle at all time when on corse.   Any recording device shall stay inside the car or attach outside the car. No selfie stick sticking outside the vehicle and being held.   We are limiting to 4 people of who you will be allowed to do ride along with. This includes pit crew and family.   Tandem:   ONLY FULL CAGE vehicle will be allowed to tandem.   Tandem driver will have a full race suite that is SFI-1 minimum.   Tandem will start latter in day after drivers are more comfortable and used to the layout.   Driver can chose who they wish to tandem with and who leads and follow. Just let the worker at the starting line know.     Track Rules.   Please keep speed outside the corse to 10mph   If you spin out on corse twice, please exit the corse.     * All driver are to be present in the morning driver meeting. If you miss that meeting and come late you will not be able to run till the afternoon session AFTER you have come and talked to chief of safety. If you show up after that you will not be able run at all.   *There will NOT be loaner helmet so driver must bring there own and have one for a passenger.   *Driver and Passenger should be ready when they pull up to the starting line. This includes being belted, helmet on and chin strap secured.

Max of 50 drivers or less for each day.

Pit Crew

We are limiting the number of people in your pit crew to 4 members. Each pit person must purchase a standard entry ticket to the meet. Their tickets are not included in the driver’s entry fee. Each pit person will receive a wristband and must wear it to be allowed in the pit area. Only pit crew members can ride along with the driver they are supporting. No outside ridealongs will be permitted.


The drift day will cost $195.99 (paid online) for a single day per entrant which includes the standard $20.99 admission fee for the day.