Drifting at the 2018 IA Fall Meet


We will be hosting the IA Drift-O-Rama during the 2018 ImportAlliance Fall Meet. The sessions will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21, 2018 and will go throughout both day.


This is for Saturday and Sunday, October 20 and 21
6:00 am – gates will be open for racers – we will have a designated gate open to come into the facility early for racers (see photo below)

Cars need to be at the track for tech inspection

8:30 am – drivers meeting

9:00 am – track goes hot

12:00 pm – lunch

1:00 pm – drivers meeting

1:30 pm – track goes hot

4:30 pm – track goes cold





The drift day will cost $85.99 (paid online) for a single day or $120.99 (paid online) for both days per entrant which includes the standard $20.99 admission fee for the weekend. You can fill out the form below and then pay for your registration:




-Must have a helmet, motorcycle or sa2005 and up rating. We will have a little number of helmets available for you to use if you do not have your own but it is best to bring your own.

-Closed toe shoes are required. No sandals or flip flops.

-Long pants and at least a short sleeve shirt must be warn. No tank tops will be permitted.

-Ride alongs will be allowed. Passenger must abide by the same rules as the driver. Drivers have the choice of opting out of having ride alongs.

-No loose articles in the car. Floormats must be taken out.

-Your car’s battery must be tied down properly.

-No fluid leaks.

-If you spin out on the course more than 2 times please discontinue drifting and return to the staging area to wait for your next turn.

-Any cameras or video equipment must be properly secured.

-Owner must use their own judgment from here on out if their car is fit to participate in the event.

-All drivers must be on time for the drivers meeting. If you do not attend you will not be allowed to run until the drivers meeting after lunch.

-Tandem can only be performed by drivers with a car that has a full roll cage that has side impact bars that are up to formula drift specifications. Drivers must have at a minimum a 1 layer fire suit. Drivers also must have fire retardant shoes. Drivers who want to tandem must have prior experience tandeming with their partner.

-Max of 35 drivers or less for each day.

-There will be 2 run groups that will alternate all day.

We are limited the number of people in your pit crew to 4 members. Each person must purchase a standard entry ticket to the meet. Each pit person will receive a wristband and must wear it to be allowed in the pit area.

***Only pit crew members can ride along with the driver they are supporting. No outside ridealongs will be permitted.***


-The map below is a working concept. We are going to take a car to the track and make sure we like it (we know it will change slightly).